Monday, June 9, 2014


Read something recently that really resonates, how a large part of the culture in this country (USA) is rejecting intellectualism. Having grown up in the white evangelical protestant world this should be no revelation. Woe to thee, stubborn and stiff-necked people, liking to have their ears tickled. It's not polite to talk about politics, but who gives a rip when the human condition is much more compelling...we, who shoot our prophets and tend to gather with those like ourselves. Growing, maturing, is hard work, and we often excuse each other from that way too easily. If there's a time for everything, as per Solomon's wisdom, then along with the nurturing and support where's the kinder, gentler foot in the ass when we need it?

To the idealist, few things are more important than ideas. To be raised in the church one will as such absorb the doctrines and the need to be "revernt" and well-intentioned folks projecting their perceived personal failures onto the young in their search for absolution, it goes on and on. But in the end, some things we must learn for ourselves.

At one point my cradle doctrine, in the holiness tradition, that one must be sanctified entirely by a work of grace, seemed to fit my circumstances. I told everyone who would listen, even those of the opposite sex who were there to meet guys, why weren't the ideas so important to them too? Some were hungry for truth, many blinded by what they thought they already knew, and I wanted more.

This quest took me to the School on the Hill, where they teach you to live and proclaim the doctrine, although, what I mainly find are folks interested in people, and that, it's not about the doctrine so much anymore. They are struggling over how the doctrine came about, and are getting back to Scripture - which is great, but what's a boy to do with his cargo of ideas?

But I digress. Organizations are made up of people, and are for people. There are a few that are into ideas as well, but they all seem to hail from Babel, all seeming to speak a different language I don't comprehend. As for the Organization itself, many, if not most of those people aren't really clear on why they are there.

Many folks earnestly love the community with all their heart, that's great. Knowing is not always the most important aspect.

But what if it is? And what if it's become clear that there's really no common ground, nothing by which to form a true bond, with an organization that never truly earned your respect?

So here we are, typing some more.

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